Name Photo Qualification Experience Designation Speciality
Mrs.S.Tamilarasi M.sc(N) 13 years Lecturer Medical Surgical Nursing
Ms. Tamilselvi. C B.Sc(N) 1 Year 6 Months Tutor Medical Surgical Nursing
Ms. Abinaya .A B.Sc(N) 1 Month Tutor Medical Surgical Nursing
Mr. Daneesh .A B.Sc(N) 1 year Tutor Medical Surgical Nursing
Mrs.Usha.V M.Sc(N) 13 years Reader Paediatric Nursing
Ms.C.Kalaivani M.Sc(N) 5 Years Lecturer Paediatric Nursing
Ms. A. Shahulmathi B.Sc(N) 2 Years Tutor Paediatric Nursing
Mrs.P SHOBA E. MERINA M.Sc(N) 22 YEARS PRINCIPAL Medical Surgical Nursing
Mrs.R.Amudha M.Sc(N) 7 year Reader Obstretrics & Gynaecology Nursing
Mrs.R.Santhi M.Sc(N) 11 Years Tutor Obstretrics & Gynaecology Nursing
Ms.R. Udhayakumari B.Sc(N) 13 years Lecturer Obstretrics & Gynaecology Nursing
Ms. Sanjiya. R B.Sc(N) 2 year Tutor Obstretrics & Gynaecology Nursing
Ms. W.Jebapriya M.Sc(N) 8 Years Tutor Community Health Nursing
Ms. Devika B.Sc(N) 2 Years Tutor Community Health Nursing
Ms. K. Kaliswari B.Sc(N) 1 Month Tutor Community Health Nursing
Mr. Vigneesh R.M B.Sc(N) 1 year Tutor Community Health Nursing
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V.Altrin Viju B.Sc(N) 13 years Tutor Psychiatric
Mr.Nirmal Williams.SY B.Sc(N) 2 Years Tutor Psychiatric
Mrs. Suseela .S B.Sc(N) 17 Years Vice -Principal Diploma in General Nursing
Mrs. Angelin Nesa Malar.T B.Sc(N) 7 years Tutor Diploma in General Nursing
Ms.V.Kavitha B.Sc(N) 4 years Tutor Diploma in General Nursing
27 Ms.Sathya.M B.Sc(N) 3 years Tutor Diploma in General Nursing


Love, care and comfort. We train young nurses with highest level of knowledge attitude and practice who can be better health care providers in our health care system.


To develop into a premier institute to educate nursing students and to cater diverse the health needs of rural downtrodden people by serving them at all levels.